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Winterhorse Park - Icelandic Horse Farm.
Three horses in pasture.


We're here to welcome you. Please take a moment to browse our site and enjoy the presentation of pictures and information about our Icelandic Horse Farm, Winterhorse Park.

Barb and Dan Riva

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Learn more about Winterhorse Park.

  • Owners - about us.
  • History - about how Winterhorse Park began.
  • Directions - how to get to Winterhorse Park from where you are.
  • Facilities - about our indoor arena, outdoor track, pastures, etc.


Useful information about Icelandic Horses.

  • Breed - info on the Icelandic Horse.
  • Gaits - info on the gaits of this unique breed.
  • Care - info on caring for your horse.


See what we have for sale here.

  • Horses - sale horses.
  • Tack - selection of special tack for your special horse.


A complete line up of services to help you with your horse and riding experience.

  • Farrier - including shoes and materials specifically developed for Icelandic Horses.
  • Import - importation services for horses from Iceland.
  • Nursery - breeding of Icelandic horses at Winterhorse Park.
  • Professional Training - certified Icelandic horse trainers.
  • Lessons & Clinics - group and individual lessons as well as more in-depth clinics.
  • Boarding - pasture and stall boarding at Winterhorse Park.
  • Stallion Service


Learn about specific upcoming clinics and other events that you can get involved in.

  • Clinics - learn about and register for our offering of clinics.
  • Other Events - learn about competitions, horse fairs, open houses, and other events we are involved in or hold at Winterhorse Park.


Our online photo album of horses, clinics, and everything else.


Phone, address, and email information can be found here.


Access key information and other information to provide the best browsing experience for those with disabilities.


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