Winterhorse Park

Winterhorse Park - Icelandic Horse Farm.
Horses running through the snow.


Can't wait? We can't blame you as this is one of our favorite areas too!

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Theysa, October 2006.
Ovissa and daughter Odrunn, October 2006.
Loftfari, Perlas son, October 2006.
Tryggur, Djasns son, October 2006.
Vina, October 2006.
Ponying horses from pasture.
Alyssa and Lisa.
Dan and Djasn.
Frida and Dama, Summermot 2005.
Glenna and Gilma, May 2005.
Glenna, March 2006.
Glenna, May 2005.
Kraftur and Alex, Summermot 2005.
Lori, Hvisla and Sam.
Perla in the snow.
Skelmir, May 2005.
Skelmir's eye.
WC team, 2005.
Vinur taking a nap.
Bringing in the herd, February 2004.
Brood mares running.
Brood mares.
Emma, the Winterhorse Park dog.
Group photo at the Flugnir clinic in Minnesota, Summer, 2003.
Fradmar running through snow.
Group photo from the Midwest Horse Fair.
Group photo of riders mounted on horses during the Midwest Horse Fair.
Photo of horses running and playing in the pasture.
Illinois Horse Fair in Springfield.
Horse smiling for the camera.
Riders practicing routine without horses.
Kari and Linda at a clinic.
Group photo from the Kentucky Horse Show in November, 2003.
Rider and horse at the Kentucky Horse Show.
Riders demonstrating at the Midwest Horse Fair.
Ros and Perla running on packed snow trail.
Rounding up the horses, running through deep snow in February, 2004.
Sox and Dynur.
Photo of Winterhorse Park during the Fall.
Winterhorse Park logo.

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