Winterhorse Park

Winterhorse Park - Icelandic Horse Farm.
Dama, the first horse at Winterhorse Park.



Our interest in Icelandic Horses started with our search for a safe and suitable horse for our son, Vincent, who has Cerebral Palsy. Vince was enrolled in a therapeutic riding center located over an hours drive from our home. He rode on a weekly basis and really enjoyed this activity. I always enjoyed riding as a young girl and realized that if I could find the right horse, the entire family could enjoy horseback riding. In researching breeds of horses I found an article on Icelandic Horses and decided to attend a clinic in New York.

Being a novice rider at that time, I was very pleased to find the horse I had hoped for. I purchased Dama and in the years to come she has treated many disabled children to an experience they never thought possible. My husband Dan and I also gained much confidence and knowledge while riding Dama and attending many activities and clinics with her. Over the years we had accumulated a small herd of nice riding horses and continued to gain more information and get more involved in this very special breed of horse.

During the past years, we have traveled to Iceland trying to learn as much as possible about Icelandic Horses, their country and culture. We have gotten to know many wonderful people in Iceland and with their help, we were able to find six excellent riding horses to import to Wisconsin. Since then we have made many more trips to this beautiful country and our knowledge continues to grow. We bring that knowledge back to Winterhorse Park and offer it to anyone who would be interest in the Icelandic Horse.

In September of 2000, we moved our farm from the 14 acre parcel of land in Muskego, to 97 acres in the Kettle Moraine area of Eagle, Wisconsin where we are located now.