Winterhorse Park

Winterhorse Park - Icelandic Horse Farm.
Exterior view of the main entrance to the new Arena.



We have added two new facilities to our farm and are very pleased to have a wonderful, luxury indoor arena as well as a great oval track and pace track available for horse training, events and for our boarders at Winterhorse Park. Everything is well designed with our horses and their needs in mind.

brief facts about our arena:

  • Exterior view of the new arena.large luxury indoor riding arena (200 x 40)
  • wireless micro system and loudspeakers for lessons, clinics and events
  • 16 modern horse stalls
  • huge horse shower
  • farrier area for shoeing
  • cozy lounge with fireplace, conference table, TV, video, DVD etc..
  • several bathrooms with shower
  • kitchen with professional equipment to cater all of our events
  • Tour our new arena

brief facts about our oval track:
  • oval track 250m long
  • round pen and dressage riding ring in the inside of the track
  • pace track 320m long
  • Tour oval & pace track

Summer 2004 photo of the construction of the oval track.New pace track under construction with German, Icelandic, and American flags in the foreground and the new arena in the background.

As we continue to learn and grow, we will hold competitions, riding activities, and host clinicians and trainers from Iceland to offer instruction to those hoping to ride their horse to the best of their ability. For more information, please see our events page on this site. Our clinics and events are geared to include all levels of riders. We try to keep our events as all-inclusive as possible to be sure that the true Icelandic spirit of hospitality and adventure is felt as you enjoy this wonderful breed, the Icelandic Horse.

Round pen inside the arena.Outdoor riding ring.