Winterhorse Park

Winterhorse Park - Icelandic Horse Farm.
Close up photo of a horse.


Winterhorse Park is an Icelandic Horse exclusive facility that has been importing and selling Icelandic horses since 1998.

We have traveled to and worked with many fine farms in Iceland over the years to locate horses to import to Wisconsin, emphasizing safe temperaments and quality gaits. In keeping this emphasis in mind, we purchased our first prize stallion Fjalar frà Bjargsoli and our second prize stallion, Fengur frà Hellulandi. The offspring of these two phenomenal stallions will be fully trained by certified Iceland Horse trainers to ensure they will provide their owners with the true Icelandic experience.

Our mission and priority at Winterhorse Park is Education. We feel that once riders fully understand the unique qualities of Icelandic Horses, there can then be a relationship between horse and rider that will surpass any other breed.